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Product Specifications

CIRAS -3 The 3rd Generation Portable Photosynthesis System with Fluorescence attachment

As reported by many researchers, there is a big difference between "portable" and "transportable". At PP Systems goal has always been to provide researchers with the most portable system possible without
Sacrificing performance. PP Systems reputation for doing just that is unsurpassed. The light weight (4.3 kg) and small footprint of the CIRAS-3 console means reduced fatigue, less site disturbance of fragile vegetation, and access to "hard to reach" places. The console is constructed out of a rugged, ergonomic aluminum enclosure with custom designed polyurethane cover and shock absorbing base. The system is powered by a very efficient and powerful internal Li-Ion battery providing up to 8 hours operation in the field eliminating or reducing the requirement to change out batteries. The CIRAS-3 console can be used as a stand-alone CO2 and H2O differential gas analyzer for use with custom chambers in the laboratory or field if required. Quickly change between open and closed system analysis for measurement of soil CO2 efflux and net canopy CO2 flux.

The CIRAS-3 is the perfect choice for measurement of
  • Photosynthesis
  • Chlorophyll Fluorescence
  • Soil Respiration
  • Canopy Assimilation


  • Small footprint and lightweight (just 4.3 kg)
  • Internal, rechargeable Li-ion battery providing up to 8 hours use
  • independent, non-dispersive infrared gas analyzers for both CO2 and H2O
  • Automatic control of CO2, H2O, temperature and light
  • Simultaneous measurement of photosynthesis and chlorophyll fluorescence
  • Large, full color 7.0" transflective LCD for field use with optimized viewing angle
  • Unlimited data storage (internal memory and use of thumb drives)
  • Flexible and versatile user interface
  • Powerful software and programming capability

Ciras 3

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