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Product Specifications

Environmental Measuring Systems Brno - Data Loggers ER

This datalogger is designed mainly for registration of output from tipping bucket raingauges with contact closure output signal.

The datalogger firmware checks each midnight the system operation and stores the result in the data memory. Therefore, the user is sure about the data reliability (in case of long period without rain for instance, when might be some doubts about the proper operation). When a problem appears in a certain day due to power supplying (low battery voltage) or for a hardware failure, the user?s attention is pointed to this day during the data conversion.

  • Sensors to be connected
    tipping bucket raingauge ? contact
  • Resolution
    1 sec
  • Data memory size
    32 KB
  • Accuracy of internal clock
    ?1 minute per month (-10 to 40 ?C)
  • Power supply
    three AA alkaline batteries
  • Idle
    0.02 mA
    Close contact ? operating
    30 mA
  • Battery life
    few years
  • IP rating
  • Size
    11 x 11 x 6 cm
  • Weight
    300 g

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